Topsoil and Sod

Screened Topsoil:

We recommend between 4 and 6 inches of screened topsoil under your sod. Our screened topsoil is amended with 10% steer compost. Bulk delivery or pick up is available.

Bos Sod Kentucky Bluegrass Blend:

Our Kentucky Bluegrass sod is a top quality turf made up of 100% Kentucky Bluegrass including shade and drought tolerant varieties. It is dwarf, dense and dark green in color. Our Kentucky Bluegrass sod is durable and tolerant of high traffic. It flourishes in partial shade to full sun areas, is ideal for our Southern Alberta climate, and is disease resistant. Ideal for residential, commercial, and golf course applications.

Bos Sod Fescue Blend:

Our Bos Sod Fescue sod is made up of improved fine fescues. It is drought tolerant and environmentally friendly. Some of its benefits include reduced water consumption, reduced fertilizer requirements, lower maintenance requirements, and excellent shade tolerance.

Golf Course:

Bos Sod offers a special fairway cut (3/4″) grass for use on golf course fairways. Call for more information.

Bent Grass:

Our sister farm, Bos Sod Farms Inc., is located in Abbotsford, BC. They have been operating since 1993 and specialize in growing sod for athletic fields and golf courses. Please go to for more information.

Small Roll:

Still the most popular for all uses, small rolls measure 2 ft wide and 5 ft long (10 ft2). Each roll weighs only about 35 pounds and works easily for the homeowner and landscaper.

Big Roll:

Big rolls are used on sports fields, golf courses, larger commercial sites and acreages. The big rolls are 2 ft wide and 112.5 ft long (225 ft2) and do require a laying attachment for installing. The advantages of big roll are that there are far fewer seams. For information on the installation of big roll or to rent a laying attachment give us a call.

Seed and More


  • Bos Sod Kentucky Bluegrass Blend (2 kg & 25 kg) – blended to match our turf
  • Bos Sod Overseeding Blend (1 kg) – works very well for patching and smaller areas
  • Bos Sod Dryland Turf Blend (10 kg) – requires little to no irrigation after it is established
  • City of Lethbridge Native Blend (10 kg) – achieves a “coulee” or “prairie” look
  • City of Lethbridge Sportsfield Blend (10 kg) – excellent for high traffic areas such as parks & playgrounds


Bos Sod carries two different types of fertilizer. Our Sod Starter Fertilizer is recommended for use when installing sod. It is designed to stimulate root growth to encourage the sod to take root. A 2 kg bag will cover an area of 700 ft2. A 25 kg bag is available for larger areas. For established lawns, our Lawn Maintenance Fertilizer promotes top growth for early spring green-up, as well as a balance for increasing root strength and provides a deep green color throughout the growing season. It is sold in a 25 kg bag.

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