Bos Sod Farms

Bos Sod Farms is a reputable company that has been growing a high quality product since 1981. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality product and service in the market.

With locations in both Coaldale and Innisfail, our sod is grown on some of the best soils Alberta has to offer. We select seed varieties that are suitable for either the Alberta or East Kootenay climates, making our sod winter hardy and drought and wear tolerant.

Our premium quality sod is made up of 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. We also carry a blend of improved fine fescues. Years of experience combined with the use of the most modern equipment and the best quality grass seed available ensures you receive a high quality product.

Why Bos Sod?

  • We have been in business since 1981!
  • Our sod is grown locally on some of the best soil.
  • We use modern equipment to ensure the highest quality sod.
  • Our sod is winter hardy and drought and wear tolerant.